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Create A LIsting

First step is to create a listing for your raffle event. We review each listing to ensure the details and state of the item are presented truthfully. We require a minimum of 5 images, a description of the item, its condition and proof of ownership. You can then add your entry rules and schedule the event.
~Find out about the types of raffles on this page

Winner Event and Confirmation

Once the entries are in, you can manually tend the raffle and rigger the raffling bot to select a winner, or you can use the auto-raffling feature to do this for you as soon as the event ends.
We then send a confirmation email to the winner and to the event organisers. Other non-winning participants get KOINS that they can use for future raffles or convert to currency

Shipping and Payment

~The raffle host then prepares the item for shipping, which is sent to us for authentication before we forward them to the winner. We require a proof of purchase/ownership to be included
~Once authenticated and tagged for proof, we release the full payment to the seller and forward the sneakers within 2-4 working days.
~~Please read more on payments and shipping on our GUIDES & SUPPORT page


I participated in the last event for the AJ1 University Blue that I really wanted! Though I didn’t win, it seemed like a legit event and I got also some Koins to enter future raffles. I’ll try my luck again soon 🙂

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