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Whether you are shopping online or instore, our expert authenticators can legit check sneakers for you in 30 mins!

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avoid scams and replicas by authenticating before purchasing

Connect with Sneakerheads

We are creating a resourcece bank of authentications that can also help you authenticate items for yourself

Security & Authenticity

We ran a two-step authentication system, led by our experienced authenticators. They legit check all items. Kihtab also ensures members are verified in order to create an authentic and enjoyable experience for all. 

Fair & Rewarding

Our prices are fair and better yet, we offer rewards to our customers, including exclusive sneaker wins, accessories and FREE authentications


LESS FEES, less stress & MORE BANK

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Kihtab is committed to building an authentic service

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Register your interest here and secure early access to Kihtab! This means first dibs on exclusive raffles, fun events and a host of perks!

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How Much Can I Earn Monthly?

Feel free to play around with some figures using our FREE profit calculator and find out how much you could be BANKING each month when hosting raffles on Kihtab 

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